Prosthetic ankle joint supplier in China

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Jun 11,2019

Ankle joint is very important and most flexible in the lower limb joints of the human body.

Ankle joint is very important and most flexible in the lower limb joints of the human body.

Are you looking for Prosthetic ankle joint supplier in China? Choose Shijiazhuang Aosuo International Trade Co. Ltd. We have two ankle joints: SACH foot adapter and dynamic foot adapter.Aosuo company adhere to high quality and low price service, show good reputation to customers.

1.    SACH foot adapter:By keeping track of current market development, we are offering an excellent range of SACH Foot Adapter. The dedication of our proficient professionals has enabled us to manufacture this adapter by using optimum quality raw material and modern technology. Apart from this, our quality controllers test this adapter against various quality parameters in order to maintain its quality. Clients can avail this adapter from us at pocket friendly prices.


High strength

Good flexibility

Dimensional accuracy

2.    Dynamic foot adapter: With the support of our experts and sophisticated in-house facilities, we have been able to offer an array of Foot-Adapter. Being sensitive to our customers’ needs, we have utilized the high grade raw material and advanced technology in manufacturing of this adapter. Our quality experts have checked this adapter against various well-defined quality measures. Moreover, this adapter is made available to the customers in different specifications.


Robust design

Scratch resistance




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