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Orthopedic artificial prosthetic leg knee prosthesis 4A50

Implant Materials & Artificial Organs Type:Implantable Artificial Brand Name:AS Model Number:4A50
Place of Origin:Hebei, China Licence Number:CE/ISO
Instrument classification:Class II
Warranty:1 Year After-sale Service:Online technical support
Certificate:CE/ISO Material:Aluminum
knee flexion range:140 load weight: 100kg
weight: 860g Height: 205mm sample: available
MOQ:1 Piece Color: black
Product name: Orthopedic artificial prosthetic leg knee prosthesis

High-quality prosthetic legs from China


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Minimum standard for amputee
Minimum standard for amputee


The minimum standard for amputees is actually light, labor-saving, safe and comfortable.

Lightweight refers to: the joint itself weight is low, the alloy knee joint we now import is to choose light and durable, and prosthetic accessories, acceptance cavity every link should be in line with the principle of reducing the prosthetic weight to choose.

Labor saving refers to: we want to choose air pressure or hydraulic power knee joint.

Safety refers to: the knee joint with geometric lock, or load-lock knee, manually unlocked knee joint, etc., this kind of knee joint can let patients alternately downstairs, down the slope, bus, steps will not fall. You think about walking without worry, do not worry about falling down, can let go of the courage to walk, so that gait is more natural.

Comfortable refers to the adaptation of the cavity and residual limbs. The technology of accepting the cavity is very important, do a good job of patients not stuck, gait naturally, go further.
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 The attention for installing the thigh prosthesis
 The attention for installing the thigh prosthesis


   Patients with thigh amputations generally choose prosthetic limbs according to the length of the residual limbs, and hydraulic joints are suitable for patients with knee amputation. With medium and long residual limbs can choose a number of joints, air pressure or hydraulic four-link air pressure knee joint or multi-axis geometric lock knee joint can be selected. The short stump must be locked with a multi-axis air pressure or hydraulic knee joint.

   Today, take you to understand the prosthetic knee joint. All the knee joints are mechanical joints, increasing the air pressure, hydraulic, intelligent control unit on the mechanical joint is the air pressure knee joint, hydraulic knee joint and intelligent knee joint. Some knee joints also have a multi-axis geometric lock or a single bearing heavy self-locking device.

   According to the length of the residual limb, the shape of the amputation level is different, whether there is skin grafting needs to look at the residual limb first, and then the suitable prosthetic assembly scheme is recommended within the scope of the patient's purchasing power. The walking gait is also related to the patient's age, weight, living environment and the level of the technician when the prosthetic limb was first assembled.



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