Low Cost Orthotic Knee Joint Child / Adult Ring Lock SS / AL

Release Time:

Sep 17,2019

upper support 4mm*16mm*380mm; lower support 4mm*16mm*420mm
upper support 6mm * 19mm * 400mm; lower support 6mm * 19mm * 450mm
Children's stainless steel drop ring lock:
upper support 3mm * 12mm * 240mm; lower support 3mm * 12mm * 280mm
Children's aluminum alloy ring lock:
upper support 5mm * 14mm * 240mm; lower support 5mm * 14mm * 280mm
Principle: The mechanical knee joint is a falling ring structure, the orthosis of the knee joint is straight, the falling ring automatically falls, and the knee joint is locked.
Advantages: cheap
Disadvantages: It is not easy to unlock. If the patient can't liberate his hands, he can only sit down with his legs or help his family.
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