What's so good about carbon fiber foot?

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Dec 28,2019

What's so good about carbon fiber foot?
Now many prosthetic companies often recommend carbon fiber when recommending foot to patients. Why is this? This is because the carbon fiber series of footboards use stronger, lighter materials, more advanced technology, and more modern design principles to make the carbon fiber prosthesis closer to human functions. For example, the carbon fiber double palm footboard is one of them, and its keel material adopts the material widely used in current prostheses-carbon fiber as the elastic energy storage plate.
 Its design is even more special. The forefoot and heel are independent, and there are a variety of energy storage tablets with different elasticity. The forefoot and heel can be selected according to the weight and activity of the person. The heel is integrated, the forefoot is suitable for the heel and the heel is not suitable, and the heel is suitable for the forefoot but not suitable.
 The carbon fiber footboard series also has a patented square cone displacement elasticity adjuster, which can fine-tune 15% of the elasticity to precisely fit the specific characteristics of different users.
 The separate design of the forefoot and the heel extends the length of the forefoot to the heel position, which is nearly twice as long as the forefoot of an ordinary foot, which makes it more flexible, has better energy storage, and makes walking easier.
 The extended forefoot has a wide ground part and a narrow fixed part, so that the forefoot can be twisted with uneven ground to achieve the function of a universal ankle.
 The keel of the foot and the skin of the foot are designed as a combination because the life of the carbon fiber foot keel is very long. In long-term use, only the foot skin is damaged and needs to be replaced, saving maintenance costs.
 Because the carbon fiber series of footboards can be combined to adjust to the most suitable characteristics of the person, the user can also adjust the carbon fiber energy storage sheet in combination according to the user at different times and under different physical conditions, so that the prosthetic foot is closest to the healthy foot, and the most comfortable and labor-saving , The ability to walk is the strongest.


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