How to choose the joint of the prosthesis?(1)

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Feb 03,2020

how to choose the joint of the prosthesis ?

How to choose the joint of the prosthesis?

We all know that the prosthesis is composed of a receiving cavity, a connector, and a simulation part. The naming of the materials here is sometimes very confusing. Some amputee friends feel particularly tall when they hear carbon fiber. They feel expensive and expensive. In fact, many times, it is not as we think. Let's take a look at the choice of these connectors.
About materials
These miscellaneous connection parts are mainly made of the following materials:
Stainless steel (sometimes called alloy steel);
Space aluminum (in fact, aluminum alloy);
In fact, except for the connecting disc and the pipe fitting of the receiving cavity, the rest are basically two materials or a combination of multiple materials.
stainless steel
It is mainly used on the connection discs of the receiving cavity, such as four-claw and three-claw connection discs, and of course, pipe joints. The ankle of the low-end moving ankle is also stainless steel. This material is the most economical one. It is cheap and has good performance. The only disadvantage may be its weight.
Aluminum alloy
It mainly occurs on pipe fittings and joints, such as prosthetic joints and joints. Aluminum alloy tubes are the most common.
Titanium alloy
Titanium alloys are more commonly used in high-end and high-end prostheses. All stainless steel parts are titanium alloy versions and are 30% -40% lighter than stainless steel. Don't underestimate these 30%. If all the connecting parts are made of titanium alloy The weight can be reduced by about 300-500 grams, and it will be lighter when applied to a thigh prosthesis. The accessories of this material are much more expensive than stainless steel, but their performance is beyond that of stainless steel. But sometimes the market price is three or four times worse than stainless steel.
carbon fiber
This material mainly appears in the "tube" in the connection accessories. Why do I add quotation marks because all carbon fiber tubes and joints are made of other materials, such as titanium alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. This carbon fiber tube is lighter than aluminum alloy and hard and abnormal. Is a very ideal prosthetic connection tube. If the patient can accept the price given, this tube should be chosen.


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