How to choose the joint of the prosthesis?(2)

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Feb 06,2020

How to choose the joint of the prosthesis?(2)
how to choose
The combinations I often use are as follows, please remove them if necessary, no thanks.
First, if the patient is a family member who is not very wealthy and has no extreme pursuit of weight, I will recommend a full set of stainless steel accessories, which are cheap and practical, and slightly heavier, but it is good for patients to maintain muscle strength. Look at everything.
Stainless steel receiving cavity connection plate + aluminum alloy integrated  tube(stainless steel joint) + stainless steel tube joint
Least-minded choices and choices that are not wrong;
Second, if the patient has weight requirements and limited price tolerance, I would recommend the following mix.
Stainless steel connecting plate + all aluminum alloy integrated tube + aluminum alloy tube joint
Because the whole pipe is aluminum, the pipe joint is also aluminum, which can reduce a lot of weight and is not expensive. Why use stainless steel? Because the connection plate is male, the aluminum alloy has poor wear resistance, and the overall mechanical properties of stainless steel are still more reliable.
Third, if the patient has weight requirements, there is a certain economic affordability. I would recommend all titanium, because titanium is not as lightweight as aluminum alloys, but its overall performance exceeds stainless steel, and its rugged and durable construction is its greatest advantage.
Titanium alloy connection plate + aluminum alloy integrated pipe (titanium pipe joint) + titanium alloy tube adapter
This combination is the most stable, long life, and of course the most expensive.
Fourth, if the extreme pursuit of lightweight is encountered, the following connectors are adopted.
Titanium alloy connecting plate + all aluminum integrated tube + aluminum alloy tube joint


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