how to maintain the prosthesis?

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Mar 23,2020

However, for patients, it is only the first step to complete the assembly of prosthesis. In order to have such a good quality of life for a long time, it is necessary to work hard in the maintenance o

With the development of science and technology, it not only brings more possibilities for life, but also brings more good news for medical treatment and patients. For amputees, the purpose of obtaining a sound body can be achieved by assembling artificial limbs.

However, for patients, it is only the first step to complete the assembly of prosthesis. In order to have such a good quality of life for a long time, it is necessary to work hard in the maintenance of prosthesis on weekdays, so that the prosthesis can have a longer service life. So, how to maintain the prosthesis?

1.Pay attention to keep the surface inside the receiving cavity clean. The user should clean the stump frequently, wipe the inner wall of the receiving cavity frequently, and keep the prosthesis dry and clean. Because the receiving cavity is in direct contact with the skin, the unclean receiving cavity will breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell. It is harmful to the health of patients.

2. When using the inner bushing, the inner bushing must be kept dry and clean as far as possible. It is recommended to prepare more than a few residual internal bushes when using them, so that they can be replaced and cleaned every day.

3.Pay attention to the occurrence of cracks in the receiving cavity. If there is a small crack on the surface of the resin receiving cavity, it should be solved by a professional immediately. If it is not handled, it may hurt the skin of the stump and cause infection of the stump wound.

4.The plastic parts in the prosthesis structure must not be in contact with acid, alkali, high temperature, organic solvent and hard foreign matters, so as to prevent the prosthesis from being damaged by corrosion, staining, melting and cracking, and shorten its service life.

5. In case of looseness and abnormality of joints and joints, it is necessary to find professional personnel for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.

6.The decorative coat is easy to be damaged. Users of artificial silicone prosthesis need to repair it if they find small damage, which can prolong the service life of the prosthesis.

7. For the precision mechanical system in the prosthesis structure, it is necessary to avoid dampness, impact and contamination, and regularly find professional personnel for inspection and maintenance.



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