Why is the prosthesis uncomfortable to wear?

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Apr 02,2020

Why is the prosthesis uncomfortable to wear?Because of different causes, the specific symptoms of pain are different. Patients need to know whether they are phantom limb pain, or pain caused by inflam

In some patients, the deformation of the residual limb is caused by the problem of the prosthetic receiving cavity installed before, and the subsequent assembly will be very difficult. Some patients still don't understand why the receiving cavity I wore before doesn't hurt so much, but it hurts a lot when I change it now. Most of the reasons for this are that the residual limb has been used to the original receiving cavity, and there is still a time for adaptation and correction between the deformed place and the new receiving cavity, so it will lead to normal pain.Because of different causes, the specific symptoms of pain are different. Patients need to know whether they are phantom limb pain, or pain caused by inflammation, hematoma, hyperosteogeny, dead bone retention, or pain caused by extrusion, traction, regeneration of nerve stump tissue to form neuroma, etc. they need to adjust and care as soon as possible according to the corresponding reasons.

In order to help patients avoid or reduce the pain as much as possible, it is generally recommended that patients should pay attention to the cleaning and care of the residual limbs while wearing the prosthesis. There are many nursing methods, such as physical therapy, hot compress, massage, appropriate change of the sleeve of auxiliary apparatus, etc., to avoid local compression and traction of the limbs and ensure the ability of self-care.

In addition, for infection, hematoma and other abnormalities at the end of the stump, patients must pay attention to timely consultation with professional institutions, take appropriate measures for treatment, and reduce the harm to the body.

The prosthesis should bear half of the patient's weight. Those who say that the prosthesis does not hurt at all are very few. In most cases, the first prosthesis will have some discomfort and pain, especially in the stressed areas. Although the strength is dispersed, the patients who first assemble the prosthesis can definitely feel it.




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