Is there any time limit for the use of orthoses

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Apr 27,2020

What is an orthosis? What's the effect? Is there a time limit for using orthotics?

What is an orthosis? What's the effect? Is there a time limit for using orthotics?

1. Function of orthosis: it is generally considered that orthosis is compensatory, that is to say, it provides compensatory support through the supporting function of orthosis in case of loss of function. However, this statement is not comprehensive. Orthotics are not simple compensatory functions. Although in most cases, orthotics are compensatory support, there are also ways in which orthotics can provide active movement: for example, by fixing the wrist and fingers in some special positions with orthotics, active flexion and grip or finger extension of the hand can be induced. Even compensatory support is not necessarily just compensation. Many times, through the support of orthosis, the human body can have the opportunity to strengthen the active movement, and in this active movement process, the function of patients can be further strengthened.

2. Selection of orthotics: only when the functional requirements or the purpose of using the orthotics for specific patients are clear can we talk about how to select the orthotics. As mentioned above, whether you need simple support (such as knee joint brace after ACL reconstruction), whether you want to strengthen active exercise training after providing support (such as ankle inflatable splint for patients with ankle instability), or whether you want to bring active movement (such as the functional hand brace I mentioned above) through orthotics determines the choice of orthotics.

3. Use time of orthosis: also related to the above two points. When you choose an orthotic device to achieve the goal, that is, when the orthotic device should be considered for adjustment. If it is only supported, it is necessary to regularly evaluate whether the patient's own support ability recovers, such as the stability of ACL, such as the recovery of ankle dorsiflexion muscle strength; if it is for the purpose of strengthening training, whether the training purpose is achieved; if it is active, whether it is recovered, etc.

4. Precautions for use: if it is only supported, it is enough to achieve the purpose of support, not necessarily strong. For example, if the ankle joint loses active movement, you can only wear a pair of high top shoes, or you can use the finished product Ankle foot orthosis which is light and nimble, or you can choose a strong but relatively inconvenient one to make Ankle foot orthosis. In order to strengthen sports, we must consider the purpose of sports. For example, Ankle foot orthosis with ankle mobility, such as inflatable splint, etc. However, it is difficult to make and use dynamic orthotics. In most cases, it is very specific to discuss.


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