Selection of prosthesis connector adapter

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Apr 29,2020

The following points should be paid attention to in the selection of prosthesis connector adapter:

The following points should be paid attention to in the selection of prosthesis connector adapter:

1、If the patient is a family condition is not very rich and there is no ultimate pursuit of weight, a full set of stainless steel prosthesis connector adapter is recommended, which is cheap and practical, slightly heavier in weight, but it is good for the patient to maintain muscle strength.

Stainless steel socket prosthesis connector + aluminum alloy integrated pipe (stainless steel connector) + stainless steel pipe connector

The least need to use the brain of choice, but also the right choice;

2 If the patient has requirements for weight and limited price tolerance, the following collocations will be recommended.

Stainless steel prosthesis connector adapter + all aluminum alloy integrated pipe + aluminum alloy pipe connector

Because the whole pipe is aluminum, and the pipe joint is aluminum, it can reduce a lot of weight and is not expensive. Why is the connector made of stainless steel? Because the connector is male and the aluminum alloy has poor wear resistance, the mechanical properties of stainless steel are more reliable.

3 If patients have requirements for weight, they have certain economic capacity. The titanium prosthesis adapter will be recommended, because although titanium is not as light as aluminum alloy, its comprehensive performance exceeds that of stainless steel, and its strongest advantage is its durability and resistance to fabrication.

Titanium alloy prosthesis connector adapter + aluminum alloy integrated pipe (titanium pipe joint) + titanium alloy pipe joint

This kind of collocation is the most stable and long-lived, of course, the price is also the most expensive.

4 In case of extreme pursuit of lightweight, the following connectors shall be adopted.

Titanium alloy prosthesis connector adapter + all aluminum integrated pipe + aluminum alloy pipe joint

To be light, it's all aluminum + all titanium for male parts

The integrated pipe in the prosthesis connector adapter refers to a component that makes the pipe and the pipe joint together. The material of the pipe is usually aluminum or carbon fiber, while the material of the joint part includes stainless steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, but no joint part is carbon fiber. Therefore, it is generally told that there may be three different materials at the joint of "aluminum alloy integrated pipe".


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