Prosthetic cosmetic foot

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May 06,2020

Medical prosthesis was born in the 1990s. It is the gospel of the century for disabled patients. Because of the accidental loss of a part of the body, now as long as you wear a prosthetic cosmetic foo

Medical prosthesis was born in the 1990s. It is the gospel of the century for disabled patients. Because of the accidental loss of a part of the body, now as long as you wear a medical prosthesis, you can restore the same appearance and life as ordinary people.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the medical industry, traditional medical prostheses and prosthetic cosmetic foot have been used in the medical beauty industry, and disabled patients have more choices. So what's the difference between traditional medical prosthesis and prosthetic cosmetic foot?

The color of traditional medical prosthesis is is not natural enough. It is stiff to use and the material is not comfortable enough. Although patients get a little convenience after wearing, they still feel inferior psychologically, which is not true. In many public occasions, the prosthetic limb has been hidden in the sleeve, unwilling to be shown to the public, even dare not reach out for a drink of water, afraid of being treated with colored eyes by others.

You can say that. Although the body is sound by wearing artificial limbs, but also because of the lack of simulation, feel inferior, resulting in psychological changes, and even develop into a psychological disease.

Prosthetic cosmetic foot, the latest polymer material, simulation silica gel, is used.

The characteristics of prosthetic cosmetic foot :

1. Prosthetic cosmetic foot, silica gel is a kind of material with high thermal and cold stability (between - 100 ° C and + 250 ° C, it can also maintain stable properties), soft and elastic, environmental friendly and non-toxic, harmless to the body.

2. The prosthetic cosmetic foot has excellent electrical insulation, good oxidation resistance to oxygen, odorous oxygen and sunlight, and no corrosiveness. The chemical property is stable and it is not easy to react with any substance.

3. The prosthetic cosmetic foot has good durability, is less sensitive to the skin, and is more elastic than PVC material.

4. The prosthetic cosmetic foot has higher degree of simulation, and the psychological drop of patients is small.


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