Instructions for daily use of thigh prosthesis

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May 15,2020

The prosthesis should ensure the maximum comfort and safety of the amputee's stump, and be consistent with its activity level.

The prosthesis should ensure the maximum comfort and safety of the amputee's stump, and be consistent with its activity level.

According to the patient's life style and living environment, the prosthetic technician gives the fitting suggestions suitable for the patient's needs. The relationship between patients and technicians should be based on mutual listening and trust.

The function of prosthesis should aim at meeting the safety of different activities in daily life, including fast and slow walking, up and down slopes or stairs, work and daily leisure activities.


For patients staying at home, good stability and safety of knee joint (such as four-bar knee joint 1m102v) and foot plate (such as energy storage limb + universal ankle) are the best assembly options. This kind of prosthesis is usually limited to activities at home.

For patients mainly used for daily walking, the knee joint should have good stability and natural gait (such as hydraulic joint), and it is recommended to use it together with energy storage foot plate (such as dynastep + universal ankle). Wearing this kind of leg prosthesis, patients can walk on the road, but also can walk on the uneven road.

For other patients, the knee joint should have dynamic stability, safety, and be able to walk freely in various activities (such as multi axis hydraulic joint and rhythmic hydraulic joint), and be used together with energy storage feet with strong functionality (such as C-type carbon fiber foot, J-type carbon fiber foot and omnidirectional ankle). This kind of thigh prosthesis can help amputees get more independence and enjoy their favorite activities at the same time.

Patients should carry out routine maintenance of their prostheses according to the advice of the prosthetic technician. Clean the inner sleeve and the stump every day, and consult the prosthetic technician on the routine maintenance of the prosthesis every year. If there is any abnormality in the prosthesis, the patient should contact the prosthetic technician immediately.


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