The function of Prosthesis

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May 19,2020

The function of Prosthesis (1) Functional compensation of prosthesis (2) Appearance compensation of prosthesis

(1) Functional compensation of prosthesis

(2) Appearance compensation of prosthesis

The history of prosthetic development in China

Since 1979, with the opening to the outside world, many advanced prosthetic structures and assembly processes have been introduced, which has made a new leap in China's prosthetic industry, specifically in the following aspects: he Guangxiao, auxiliary equipment center, Bayi rehabilitation center, Sichuan Province

1) Renewal of prosthesis structure and species:

(1) Extension and application of patellar ligament bearing leg prosthesis;

(2) Assembly of full contact leg prosthesis;

(3) The development of skeletal thigh prosthesis;

(4) The development of polyurethane false foot is successful.


2) Improvement of material technology of prosthetic socket

The traditional prosthetic socket is made of leather, aluminum plate, wood and so on, which is difficult to match with the stump, and its appearance is not beautiful. In recent years, great breakthroughs have been made in technology and materials. Scientific molding method is generally adopted. Vacuum molding process is adopted for the repaired gypsum positive mold. Acrylic resin or unsaturated polyester resin is used as the material, which is reinforced by polyester fiber and glass fiber. Because of the application of this process and material, advanced full contact prosthesis can be manufactured.

3) The scientization of artificial limb assembly tools

In recent years, the load-bearing frame, dynamic alignment instrument and assembly instrument of West Germany have been introduced. At home, we also developed "thigh positioner" and "lower limb alignment regulator". Under the guidance of advanced assembly theory, the use of special equipment has made a gratifying step in the scientific assembly of artificial limbs.

4) Towards comprehensive rehabilitation:

Fitting prosthesis is only a part of amputee's rehabilitation. In recent years, it not only unifies the understanding in theory, but also many prosthesis production units set up rehabilitation clinic, physical therapy, physical therapy, functional training and other projects to cooperate with prosthesis assembly. Each hospital has also set up the prosthetic orthopedic department, which advances the comprehensive rehabilitation of amputees a big step forward, so that the function of the prosthesis can be better played. It should be said that it is a great change of the concept of prosthesis to bring prosthesis into the category of comprehensive rehabilitation.


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