On the advantages and functions of orthosis

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May 29,2020

In order to use orthopedic appliance reasonably in the indication of fracture application, it is necessary to correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of using various orthopedic appliance in the fixation of fracture.

In order to use orthopedic appliance reasonably in the indication of fracture application, it is necessary to correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of using various orthopedic appliance in the fixation of fracture.

Advantages of orthosis in external fixation of fracture

1. It can provide good external fixation, auxiliary and surgical external fixation for fracture. External fixation can fix the fracture quickly, which is helpful to relieve pain, reduce blood loss and facilitate moving patients for necessary examination or immediate operation, so as to control the related injuries threatening patients' lives.

2. It is convenient to observe and treat the wound without disturbing the reduction and fixation of fracture. For patients with fracture defects, open autogenous cancellous transplantation can be performed after wound control.

3. The stiffness of external fixation of orthosis is adjustable, which can be adjusted with the healing of fracture.

4. Modern external fixation is flexible for bone rotation. According to the type of fracture, the fracture can be rotated by axial compression or lateral force fixation, and the length of the injured limb can be maintained by traction.

5. Early movement of the upper and lower joints of the fracture, less stress shielding, is conducive to fracture healing.

6. Orthopedic appliance for external fixation is especially suitable for sexual fracture and nonunion.

7. Orthopedic appliance is used for external fixation to lift the injured limb, improve blood circulation, and avoid the posterior tissue of the limb, which is particularly important when the fracture is accompanied with limb burn or extensive skin peeling injury.

8. Easy to wear and remove.

Indications of orthosis in external fixation of fracture

Orthopedic appliance is not the method of fracture fixation, its application is mostly relative, and it is different because of the orthopedic knowledge and experience of orthopedics. We should decide what orthopedic appliance to fix fracture according to the specific situation of patients. The indications of external fixation of orthoses can be divided into two categories: good and relative.

Good indication of external fixation of fracture with orthosis

1) Open fractures of extremities with severe soft tissue, especially those of the leg with extensive soft tissue injury.

2) Because of the change of soft tissue inactivation, firearm fracture needs to be debridement for many times. It is easy to observe and handle the wound and carry the patient for many times by using orthosis.

3) Severe burns are accompanied by fractures. Orthotics can not only provide stable fixation for fractures, but also facilitate the observation of wounds, so as to prevent skin grafting area from compression and joint cicatricial contracture.

4) For open fractures or multiple fractures with multiple injuries, orthoses can also brake the fractures quickly, reduce pain and further risk of blood loss, which is conducive to anti shock and fight for time to perform rotation surgery for injuries threatening patients' lives.

5) The use of orthopedics is beneficial to the wound, and it can fix the fracture firmly and effectively.

6) The fracture was accompanied by nerve and blood vessel injury.

7) Limb extension.

8) Arthrodesis.

9) The fracture of femur, tibia and fibula were fixed after operation.

10) All parts of spine were fixed after operation.

11) The humerus fracture was fixed after reduction.

2. The relative adaptation of orthoses to external fixation of fractures

1) Some pelvic fractures and dislocations, the use of orthotics can stabilize pelvic fractures, control blood loss and reduce pain, reduce heavy care, can supplement the lack of traditional therapy.

2) On the basis of ligament reduction and fixation, the effect of using orthosis to keep good reduction is better than other methods.

3) The fixation of ulna olecranon fracture and patella fracture, orthosis can resist the contraction of biceps brachii and quadriceps femoris, prevent the fracture from re displacement, and at the same time can move the joint early.

4) It is difficult to use other methods for multiple closed fractures. Orthosis can be used as an alternative.

5) Patients with femoral trochanteric fracture should not be fixed surgically. Orthopedic appliance can meet the needs of fracture fixation and early movement. The indications of orthopedic appliance in external fixation of fracture are mostly relative, and to a large extent, it depends on the orthopaedic department's understanding of this therapy and the mastery of its application technology.

3 The principle of external fixation of orthoses in fracture

Orthopedic appliance is a method of bone or joint fixation. First, we should know the structure and mechanical properties of orthopedic appliance, and be familiar with its operation technology, so as to obtain good results. There are many types of orthoses, each with its own characteristics, which can be selected according to the needs of the disease. However, all kinds of orthoses have their own common principles and basic technical requirements in application, and the indications of using orthoses in external fixation of fractures should be grasped reasonably, the operation technology and fixation after operation should be strictly carried out, and shortcomings should be avoided as far as possible, so as to give full play to the role of orthoses in external fixation of fractures.


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