Self controlled lower limb prosthesis suppliers

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Jul 06,2020

Lower limb prostheses suppliers need to be controlled, mainly the artificial knee joint, thigh amputation patients, hip amputation patients need to use. Now there are five main ways to control the artificial knee joint

Lower limb prostheses suppliers need to be controlled, mainly the artificial knee joint, thigh amputation patients, hip amputation patients need to use.

Now there are five main ways to control the artificial knee joint

Manual control. It is rarely used for patients with poor control ability. The form is manual lock to control whether the knee joint can buckle.

Mechanical friction control. Common in low-end products. The swing of knee joint is controlled by mechanical friction.

Air pressure control. Through the damping of the air cylinder, the knee joint swing is controlled.

Hydraulic control. Through the damping of the hydraulic cylinder, the swing of the knee joint is controlled. Note that it is rare that air pressure and hydraulic pressure appear on the artificial knee joint at the same time.

Electromagnetic control. Ossurrheo kneepower knee uses magnetorheological materials to control the swing of knee joint.

Note that the control of intelligent prosthesis also uses the above five control ways, such as ottoblock cleg, which uses the hydraulic control way.

PS: at present, except for the power knee of Ossur, there is no self powered knee joint. The rest of the knee joints rely on the strength of amputee's residual limbs and spring to achieve the flexion and extension during the swing period.

Control mode:

At present, most of the knee joints are preset adjustable, such as air pressure, hydraulic knee joints, through adjusting the valve to control the posture of flexion and extension of the prosthesis during the swing period. Or support period control.

Intelligent knee joint, using sensor and single chip microcomputer to control walking posture. Common sensors include angle sensor, pressure sensor and acceleration sensor.

There are attempts to use other control methods, but they are not put into clinical use at present.

The thigh prosthesis includes the receiving cavity (the part containing the stump), the knee joint, the artificial foot and the connecting parts.

The upper leg prosthetic socket is made by the prosthetic assembly center. There are many prosthetic factories and private companies engaged in this work. The assembly quality of the upper leg prosthetic socket affects the comfort level of the prosthetic. It is just like the shoes that people wear. It's very comfortable. If it's not done well, it will wear the skin and cause various complications.

It's better to find experienced prosthetic technicians to do it. The components of thigh prosthesis are provided by component manufacturers. The two largest prosthetic companies in the world are Ottobock (headquartered in Germany) and Ossur (Iceland), and some smaller companies, such as yingzhongnai, etc.

The products of these companies are introduced by each assembler, and suitable ones can be selected according to their own economic conditions and patients' physical conditions.

Buy only the right ones, not the expensive ones. Some prosthetic parts have good functions, but due to the limited physical conditions of patients, they can not play their due functions, so such parts are not suitable for patients to assemble.

If the prosthesis is more comfortable to wear, you can also choose silicone cover.


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