Advantage of orthopedic factory

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Jul 09,2020

The strength control of 4 ~ 7 points in multi angle and multi position can more accurately adjust and control the correction strength and orthopedic factory, which is more practical for forefoot correction.

1. The strength control of 4 ~ 7 points in multi angle and multi position can more accurately adjust and control the correction strength and orthopedic factory, which is more practical for forefoot correction.

2. The inner side of U-shaped toe support is covered with latex cushion, which can absorb the pressure in all aspects of the local area, and solve the defects of long-time correction of existing correction equipment, blood circulation is not easy to pain and so on

3. The flexible toe correction belt can freely traction and correct the deformed toe in static and dynamic state.

4. Hallux valgus causes the phalangeal joint to protrude and the sole of the foot widens. The plantar and phalangeal bone molding belt can press and shape the phalangeal joint, and can coordinate with the toe support to adjust the positioning and strength of the great toe

Basic requirements orthopedic factory is usually a stainless elastic metal wire or plastic products, or a combination of the two mechanical devices, worn in the mouth or maxillofacial region, is actually a foreign body. In order to make it acceptable to patients, not to hinder or less interfere with normal chewing, pronunciation and other functions, as well as beautiful, comfortable and durable, it must have the following properties:

1) The appliance has no damage to oral soft tissue and maxillofacial region, does not react with saliva, meets the physiological requirements, and does not affect the normal growth and development and function of maxillofacial teeth.

2) The size of the appliance should be small as possible, comfortable to wear and use, the exposed parts should be as few as possible, and the effect on the beauty is small.

3) Easy to wash, easy to clean, does not affect oral hygiene.

4) The structure is simple and firm, the elasticity is good, the strength is easy to control and the effect is good; it should have stable anchorage, the material should have enough strength, and the function part should be easy to adjust, which is beneficial to control the direction and size of the corrective force.

Characteristics of the device folding movable appliance

(1) Advantages of orthopedic factory: 1. Patients can take off and wear them by themselves, which is easy to wash and wash, and can keep the appliance and oral hygiene. 2. Avoid damaging the periodontal tissue. When the force is too large, the patient can remove it by himself, and the orthodontic force can also be offset by the deviation of the appliance. It doesn't affect the beauty. If necessary for some occasions, such as performance, you can wear it at night. As long as the design is reasonable, the manufacture is fine, and the adjustment force is suitable, the common deformities can be corrected. This kind of appliance is simple in structure and easy to make.

Foldable fixed appliance (1) advantages of orthopedic factory: 1. Good fixation and sufficient anchorage. 2 can make most teeth move; the whole movement, torque and torsion are easy to move. It can control the movement direction of orthodontic teeth. It can correct complex deformities. 5 small size, more comfortable. 6 does not affect pronunciation and oral training. 7. The interval of clinical follow-up was long. Because of the short course of treatment, the patients can not take off the appliance without wearing it, so the orthodontic force can continue to play.

Classification according to the source of orthodontic force

1) Mechanical: this kind of orthodontic force comes from the elastic force after deformation of various metal wires or the retraction force of soft elastic materials (such as rubber band) after stretching. The artificial mechanical force directly or indirectly acts on the jaw device to adjust the jaw relationship and move the dislocated teeth.

2) Magnetic force: the use of permanent magnetic materials to attract the opposite, like repulsion force to correct malocclusion. Due to the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials in recent years, super small permanent magnets with high magnetic energy, such as neodymium iron boron (NdFeB), can be directly bonded to the tooth surface with adhesives or attached to orthodontic appliances to achieve commercial purposes.

3) Functional: the principle of orthodontic treatment is to transfer the functional force of masticatory muscle or perioral muscle to the corrected part through the appliance to change the dislocated jaw and induce its growth and development to the normal direction.


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