Dennis Brown shoes

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Nov 02,2020

Dennis Brown shoes

Dennis Brown shoes


Congenital horseshoe pronation, cerebral palsy caused by foot internal and external rotation, cutting step, etc. For night correction and bed correction. The effect is stable, adjustable, safe and reliable. Orthopedic structure design: this product is equipped with adjustable connecting rod on special orthopedic shoes, which can adjust the width between feet and the Angle of internal and external rotation. There are different orthopedic shoes for pronation and valgus, which can effectively control the abnormal position of the foot. Orthopedic shoes are made of natural leather with good fixing effect. Orthopedic principle: with the use of special orthopedic shoes, the affected feet will be reliably fixed, through the sole of the connecting rod, adjust the width and rotation Angle between the feet, the feet will be fixed in the needed position. Guide it to develop in the right direction, consolidate and improve the clinical effect.


Note: Observe whether the position of the back foot is good, closely observe the patient's response, such as crying and refusing to wear phenomenon, be sure to check in time.


Instructions for orthopedic shoes :

1. Open the corrective shoes so that all leather LACES do not prevent the foot from being put in. The buttons can be inside or outside.




2. Hold the lower part of the foot, carefully place the foot in the shoe and make sure that the heel is tightly attached to the back and bottom of the shoe. (The heel may not fit properly for two to four weeks.)




3. Wrap the tongue around the ankle horizontally and position it with the thumb, making sure the hole in the tongue is above the middle shoelace.




4. Cover the tongue with the middle shoelace and fasten it. Fasten the upper shoelace (leave room for forefinger).




5. Check the position of the corrected heel to make sure that the heel is completely in line with the step of the corrected sole and the back. Otherwise, adjust the tongue and middle LACES.




6. After the center and upper LACES have been tightened and the heel is in place, tighten the LACES in the toe position and tighten the remaining LACES again if necessary. Finally, mount the bracket.


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