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Nov 07,2020

When I first started using prosthetics

When I first started using prosthetics


When you start using prostheses, you should be patient, persistent, and not afraid hardship. Let the prosthetic to be a part of your body need the right way. There is a training process to get the natural gait and use it freely for the prosthetic user.


The mood of the disabled friend will change greatly after get the new prosthetic, produce a new hope, love the prosthesis, but still have doubts about whether they can use the prosthesis well.


The first step with a prosthetic limb feels fluttering, unable to grasp the center of gravity, and this phenomenon occurs because the stump is not used to walk for a long time, and the signal of sound leg walking is still stored in the motor memory of the whole central nervous system of the brain. There is no experience in how the stump drives the prosthetic leg walking.


So don't be too impatient when you first use a prosthesis, make a small stride, and adapt to the weight of the prosthesis to make it a part of the body.


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