What should we pay attention to when wearing artificial limbs correctly?

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Dec 05,2020

What should we pay attention to when wearing artificial limbs correctly?

What should we pay attention to when wearing artificial limbs correctly?

What should we pay attention to when wearing artificial limbs correctly? People's skin is very fragile, which will be severely damaged by external oppression for a long time, especially when amputees wear artificial limbs inappropriately, resulting in more serious consequences. Then, on the basis of ensuring the suitability, how to wear it correctly?


1. In order to reduce the degree of friction caused by the direct contact of assistive devices with skin, personnel can choose to put a thin and smooth silk sleeve on the residual limb to protect the skin of the residual limb. Then, 1-2 layers of cotton socks for residual limbs are put on to absorb sweat and adjust the capacity of the receiving cavity of residual limbs, which is very beneficial for amputees to start rehabilitation training.


2. After the prosthetic limb is worn for a certain time, the shape of the residual limb may change, for example, the muscle of the residual limb is atrophied. At this time, the personnel need to increase the sock cover appropriately, and then put on the soft receiving cavity of the residual limb, and then put on a layer of sturdy stockings on the outside of the inner cover. If insertion is too difficult, you can apply talcum powder on the outside of the nylon stockings sleeve and the inside of the receiving cavity before insertion, which is convenient for wearing.


3. If the personnel want to judge whether the position of their residual limb penetrating into the receiving cavity is correct, it is suggested that they can stand up and feel that the residual limb can bear the load evenly in the receiving cavity without feeling pain, and at the same time, they feel that the length of the prosthesis is also appropriate, so the sign is suitable for wearing. If it is inappropriate, pay attention to consulting professionals and take measures to adjust it.


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