Matters needing attention in installing artificial limbs for children

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Feb 05,2021

Matters needing attention in installing artificial limbs for children

 Matters needing attention in installing artificial limbs for children


Children with thigh amputation In the assembly and use of prostheses, we must consider the development problem: the development of the limb on the residual side is slower than that on the healthy side, and the prosthesis with appropriate length will be much shorter after half a year or one year. Therefore, we should try to choose a prosthesis with a structure that can easily change the length. During assembly, the prosthesis can be longer, temporarily raised under the healthy foot, and then removed as the healthy limb grows;

In addition, attention should be paid to correct alignment in assembly. Children's residual limbs have a tendency to bend inward after cut-off, and incorrect alignment may aggravate deformity.

Children with leg amputation

Attention should be paid to the fact that the skeleton of the residual limb grows faster than the skin of the residual limb, and sometimes it can burst the skin. The lateral fibula of the residual limb grows faster than the medial tibia, which is more likely to cause skin damage or wear out at the bone tip. For such children, they should always push or pull the skin of the residual limb with both hands to make the skin of the residual limb longer and looser.

Children with amputated upper limbs

Especially for amputees with double upper limbs, it is necessary to assemble artificial hands with good functions as soon as possible to restore the ability of independent living and learning, otherwise it will not only lead to poor physical development, but also lead to poor intellectual development.




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