Prosthetic care and maintenance

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Feb 08,2021

Prosthetic care and maintenance

Prosthetic care and maintenance

1. Keep the inner surface of the receiving cavity clean. The receiving cavity is in direct contact with the skin. If the inner surface of the receiving cavity is not clean for a long time, it will increase the risk of residual limb infection. The user should clean the residual limb frequently and wipe the inner wall of the receiving cavity frequently to keep it dry and clean.

2. When using the bushing in the receiving cavity, try to keep it dry and clean; When using residual limb sleeves, prepare more residual limb sleeves and replace clean residual limb sleeves every day.

3. Pay attention to the occurrence of cracks in the receiving cavity. There will be tiny cracks on the surface of the resin receiving cavity, which may hurt the skin of the residual limb. Professional personnel should be asked to solve them.

4. If joints and joints are found to be loose or abnormal, they must be inspected and repaired in time.

5. The decorative coat is easy to be damaged. If the user finds any minor damage, he can repair it, which can prolong its service life.

6. The plastic parts in the prosthetic structure should not be in contact with acid, alkali, high temperature, organic solvent and hard foreign objects to prevent corrosion, staining, melting and cracking.

7. For the electrical and precision mechanical systems in the prosthetic structure, damp, shock and dirt should be avoided, and professional personnel should be found to check and maintain them





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