Custom silicone prosthetic finger attention

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Feb 15,2021

Custom silicone prosthetic finger attention

Custom silicone prosthetic finger attention

The beauty finger is a relatively beautiful product that cannot be absolutely realistic. The condition of each person's residual limb is different, and the effect produced will vary from person to person. Many buyers who want to buy this product often have very high expectations for the product. However, the following conditions are inevitable when actually worn.


One: About the seams


The silicone prosthetic beauty finger is directly put on the residual limb, so there must be a seam at the end after putting it on. This is unavoidable, but friends can use a wider ring to block.


Two: About thickness


It is impossible to make silicone prosthetic cosmetic fingers very thin. If they are made very thin, they will easily wear and tear. So in order to ensure the strength, there must be a certain thickness. And because the silicone cosmetic finger is put on the residual limb, and the residual limb is often different in thickness from the uninvolved finger, and even thicker than the same part of the uninfected finger, so after wearing the finger, it will generally be larger than the uninvolved finger. Thick fingers. The longer and thicker the stump, the greater the difference.


Three: About color difference


The color of our normal fingers is constantly changing with the influence of our blood circulation, and the color of our hands is also uneven, some are deep and some are light. The color of the beauty finger is made by adding pigments to silica gel. The color is uniform, and it is impossible to achieve the deep and shallow aspects of our fingers. There will be a certain color difference in actual production.


Four: About the product


Silicone products are customized products. After making it, there is no way to modify it, and it is only suitable for personal use. Therefore, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.


The above issues are inevitable in actual use, so I hope buyers will read them carefully and think carefully before buying. Consider buying in the line after acceptance.


We don’t want to receive negative reviews from buyers because of the problems explained! ! Please friends to understand~~


With your support, we will do better.



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