Daily maintenance of Carbon Fiber With Adapter:

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Mar 19,2021

 Daily maintenance of Carbon Fiber With Adapter

 Daily maintenance of Carbon Fiber With Adapter:

1. The carbon fiber core of the foot plate is covered by a layer of Lycra sleeve to prevent the intrusion of dust and debris. If the Lycra sleeve is damaged, it should be replaced. Generally, the feet are waterproof, but if the feet are immersed in water, the feet and toe covers should be cleaned in still water and dried as soon as possible.


2. It is recommended to select the foot hardness according to the "model selection table" according to the weight and daily activity level of the amputee. If the amputee is above the average activity level or lifting heavy objects is part of daily life, the hardness should be increased by one level.


3. The foot cover should be cleaned regularly (weekly) with a soft cloth, soap, and water. If the prosthesis is not packaged with a sponge, check the foot cover for sand or other debris. The foot cover can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol (70% purity). The toe cover cannot be scrubbed with acetone, otherwise the coating of the toe cover will be damaged.


4. If the foot function is abnormal or there is noise, you should immediately contact the prosthetic assembly technician to correct the problem in time.


5. All prostheses should be checked regularly every 6 months.




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