False Toe and Foot Prosthesis

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Apr 04,2021

False Toe and Foot Prosthesis

false toe and foot prosthesis


 Decorative toe cover, also known as false toe, is used for patients with partial or total toe amputation. Because patients who have lost their toes can generally walk with ordinary shoes if the soles of their feet are not painful, the artificial toe cover made by molding silicone rubber or PVC resin is only used for decorative filling.


Leg-sleeved partial foot prosthesis, also known as Leg-sleeved prosthetic half-foot, is used for patients with metatarsal amputation or tarsometatarsal joint amputation. Its function is mainly to fill the gap. The traditional method is to make the receiving cavity of the residual foot with leather according to plaster model, and then bond it with the rubber foot end with leather cushion and sponge (compensatory tarsometatarsal joint), etc., open at the back or side, and fasten and fix it with straps. At present, polyurethane resin molding is widely used, which is not only light in weight, easy to clean, but also good in appearance, and more convenient to wear various


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