Partial foot prosthesis

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Apr 07,2021

Partial foot prosthesis

Partial foot prosthesis

Partial foot prosthesis, also known as "fake half-foot", is used for amputees in different parts of the foot due to trauma and disease. It is divided into four types: foot-sleeve, shoe-type, calf-type partial foot prosthesis and decorative toe-sleeve.

Some foot prostheses, also known as "fake half-feet", are used for amputation of different parts of the foot caused by trauma and disease, including amputation of big toe, partial or full toe, amputation of plantar (Sharp-Jage-Bona amputation), tarsometatarsal joint amputation, tarsal joint amputation (Bona-Jager amputation) or transverse tarsal joint amputation.

Some foot prostheses are generally divided into four types: foot sleeve type, shoe type, calf type partial foot prosthesis and decorative toe sleeve


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