Classification and basic performance of prosthetic foot

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Apr 08,2021

Classification and basic performance of prosthetic foot

Classification and basic performance of prosthetic foot

Generally speaking, a prosthetic foot is composed of a skeleton and an outer covering material when it is designed and manufactured.
    The outer wrapping material of the prosthetic foot: Polyurethane. But it is divided into two types: environmental protection and non-environmental protection. AOSUO is the manufacturer in the international prosthesis manufacturing industry that uses environmentally friendly polyurethane materials to produce prosthetic feet. It is of great significance to the environment and the health maintenance of the disabled.
    Prosthetic foot skeleton (inner core): can be divided into four kinds,
     1. Wooden: generally connected with fixed ankle, uniaxial ankle and ordinary uniaxial universal ankle. Due to the hardness of the wood, its heel and forefoot dorsiflexion function is poor.
    Shaqi feet (fixed ankle)

    Ordinary foot (uniaxial ankle and ordinary uniaxial universal ankle)

    2. Plastic: generally connected with fixed ankle and multifunctional ankle. Affected by the material, the product of the foot has general orders and functions (such as energy storage, shock absorption and elasticity, etc.).
    3. High-strength nylon: The function of the foot has a greater advantage. Especially after connecting with the bionic universal ankle, the road adaptability is very good, the physical energy consumption is greatly reduced, the gait is beautiful, and the energy storage effect has a certain degree of performance. Product life is significantly increased.
    Connected to the bionic universal ankle and fixed to the ankle

    4. Carbon fiber; excellent sole materials, especially those with excellent production technology and reasonable design, have the best road adaptability, reduced physical energy consumption, beautiful gait, and excellent energy storage effect. Different performance, origin, quality, effect, etc., will have different prices. It is suitable for people with disabilities who require more exercise and have better economic conditions.




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