Maintenance of lower limb prosthesis connecting parts and decorative covers

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May 26,2021

Maintenance of lower limb prosthesis connecting parts and decorative covers

Maintenance of lower limb prosthesis connecting parts and decorative covers

The lower limb prosthesis is equipped with screws, rivets, clamps and other connecting parts, after a long time of use of these parts may appear loose, rust, fracture and so on. Regular inspections should be conducted for safe use.

Special attention should be paid to the inspection of small parts. When the parts are loose, you can fasten the screws by yourself and apply lubricating oil to the moving parts every week. In daily use, avoid soaking the prosthesis in water or rain. After soaking or raining, dry it as soon as possible and place it in a dry and ventilated environment. If the artificial limb in the process of use parts appear abnormal noise, cracks or even broken to be replaced in time. If conditions permit, find a professional every six months to carry out maintenance and repair.

The foam plastic decorative coat of the skeletal thigh prosthesis, the knee joint part because of the need to bend frequently most easily aging fracture.

 In the use of lower limb prosthesis with decorative jacket should pay attention to avoid the collision of hard objects, sharp objects, and regular maintenance. If there is slight damage, you can use the same material to paste and repair, if there is fracture or large area damage, you need to find a professional to replace. Daily cleaning can use 75% alcohol or soapy water to wipe the outside of the decorative coat, dry naturally after drying.





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