Correct understanding of prosthetic knee joints

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May 24,2019

Shijiazhuang Aosuo company supply all kinds prosthetic knee joint.

Shijiazhuang Aosuo company supply all kinds prosthetic knee joint.

Prosthetic knee joint are designed to mimic the bending (bending) and swinging (stretching) of the knee joint as the patient walks. From advanced computer-controlled components to simple locking joints, prosthetic knee joint work with prosthetic feet and sockets to achieve a smooth gait pattern.

There are two major types of modern prosthetic knee joints, microprocessor-controlled and non-microprocessor-controlled knee joints. Your P&O Care Prosthetist will help you understand different types of knees and help you decide which type of knees will help you to maximize your potential based on your goals, muscle strength, balance and K level (activity level) .

Microprocessor-controlled knee joint (MPK)

The advanced computer-controlled knee unit provides maximum security for transfemoral thigh amputees. The MPK's knee is equipped with an on-board microprocessor that receives feedback from sensors inside the joints to "learn" or "react" the user's walking characteristics and adjust the stiffness of the knee to suit different walking speeds, terrains, and conditions. Your prosthetist can use the laptop or tablet to adjust the control parameters to fine-tune the features of the knee.

The benefits of prosthetic knee joint control:

Reduced cognitive needs: Patients do not have to think about using it more.

Real-time gait parameters: When the patient adjusts the speed, the knee remains unchanged.

Excellent safety: If the knee is found to trip, the knee will automatically harden.

Stable sitting posture and decline in slope.


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