Custom cosmetic silicone finger prosthesis

Release Time:

Aug 12,2019

Restoring form and passive function. Our digital prosthetics are comfortable and look just like you. Different levels of detail are available depending on your needs.

We provide 18 color cards for you to choose, hoping to help people in need

The custom program is as follows:

Step 1: please prepare the right hand, the palm of your hand.

Step 2: contact customer service, send photos of the hand, consult whether it can be produced.

Step 3: it can be made, customer service will be sent to you to measure the intention, please strictly fill in the scale according to the scale.


Step 4: choose the color that suits your skin according to the following color card.

Purchase notice:

Cosmetic finger is a product that is relatively beautiful and can not be absolutely lifelike. The condition of each person's stump is different, and the effect produced will vary from person to person. Many buyers who want to buy this product often have high expectations for the product. But the following situations are unavoidable when actually worn.

Question 1: Color difference.

 Network production is based on pictures to choose the color, the products made of similar colors, but can not achieve the real effect. Because the real hand is blood, the speed of blood flow will determine the color of the hand, the time is different, the season is different, the color of the hand will have subtle changes, so the color difference is a problem that can not be avoided.

Question 2: Textures and pores.

The products are made according to the photos and sizes of the customers' hands. The products are all viewed separately, the degree of simulation is very high, and there are pores and hand wrinkles, but they cannot make the same texture and pores. It is also impossible to make traces of the years, and the products that are made now will be more delicate than the hands of real people.

Question 3: Comfort.


The product is made of silicone material and is airtight. After wearing, the product is tightly attached to the skin. The feeling of restraint will affect the flexibility of the joint. The relative wear is not comfortable to wear.


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