After using the prosthesis, how can I get back to the state of life before the operation?

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Oct 09,2019

After using the prosthesis, how can I get back to the state of life before the operation?

You should be able to return to normal activity levels within a few months, depending on your own amputation position and physical function. Your new prosthesis should help you do what you did before. The specific performance depends on whether the prosthesis is adapted or not, and on the other hand depends on your determination. In the year after installation, you may encounter a variety of problems, you should fully communicate with your producer to seek help. This one year is the toughest year. The residual limb may shrink, the cavity may become inappropriate, and you may have to adapt it multiple times. It may be necessary to constantly adapt to new acceptances, retraining, etc. In the meantime, you will need to communicate with your prosthetic maker or therapist to keep in touch with them via the internet, by phone, etc.


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