Frequently asked questions about prosthetic fingers, prosthetic hand, custom prosthesis gloves :

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Nov 13,2019

Frequently asked questions about prosthetic fingers, prosthetic hand, custom prosthesis gloves :
1. Does he have an auxiliary function? For example, what is the key to typing on the keyboard?
The material is the same as the rubber material of the silicone. The inside of our normal fingers is because of the phalanx, so you can pass the power to hit the keyboard. If there are not many fingers missing. For example, it is no problem to have a small section of the fingertip joint. If there are too many disabilities. It can only be done as a compensation for a finger defect. There is no substantive function. It only plays a role in aesthetics.
2. Can your fingers bend?
A: The finger is fake. Can only be passively bent.
3. How to wear?
A: The prosthetic fingers are directly put on like gloves. The missing part of our new finger is filled with foam. After you receive our finger. You need to take out the foam inside. Then cut it according to your needs. Then put it on.
4. How long does it take to wear?
This finger is a consumable item. It is the same as the shoes and socks you buy in the market. It is important to note that please do not pull hard when you wear it. Each of your details is directly related to the life of the finger. The length of your life depends on your maintenance and cherish. The longer the service life of your care and cherish.
5. Can you see it with your fingers?
Silicone fingers are high emulation fingers. The texture is clearly visible. The form is very realistic. But fake fingers are fake after all. It must be different from normal. (such as color difference, the interface on the cover, etc.) It is only a kind of compensation for the residual finger. Can only face the reality. ,
6. Is the color consistent with the skin?
The color is not exactly the same as the skin color. Can only be as close as possible. Because the skin color of our body changes with temperature. The pigments of the same finger are different. Slightly smaller than the tip of the needle. We can only say that the color of your finger itself is as close as possible. We have a variety of swatches for your reference.
Precautions when using prosthetic fingers:
Try to avoid high temperatures, inks, pulls, and sharp things during use: (such as needles) if you are unable to clean the ink. It can be cleaned with a strong cleaning agent.


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