Upper arm myoelectric hand prosthesis

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Dec 05,2019

Upper arm myoelectric hand, myoelectric prosthesis, myoelectric prosthesis
When a patient's residual limb muscles contract, a complex biochemical reaction occurs, and a small potential difference that can be measured is generated on the skin surface. This myoelectric potential difference signal is transmitted to the microsensor and amplified by the amplifier in the electrode to become a control. The signal is input into the microcomputer, and then the microcomputer sends out movement instructions to drive the prosthetic phalangeal joints to expand through a driving system such as a micromotor.
The key to assembling a myoelectric hand is to find the strongest electromyographic voltage when the forearm amputee accommodates the extensor and flexor muscles and the upper arm amputee contracts the biceps and triceps from the surface of the residual limb. The two points of the signal, and measure the voltage value at these two points, and then reasonably adjust the signal amplification signal of the electrode amplifier. At the same time, according to the patient's stump condition, the stump is trained according to the intention of the activity by the electromyography training device. To stay, in order to effectively control and manipulate the prosthetic phalangeal joints in different forms of residual limb muscle movements, and automatically adjust the size of the prosthetic grip and the speed of opening and closing with a dynamic regulator.
Due to the extremely high sensitivity of myoelectric hands, patients can be controlled freely after training, assisting good hands to do things that can't be done with one hand, such as washing the face, wringing towels, dressing, writing, tying shoelaces, holding spoons Drink soup and so on. If you continue to learn and exercise in your life, you will be able to perform its maximum functions. The myoelectric hand is equipped with a 180-degree rotation and shockproof device, so when riding a motorcycle or doing other activities, no vibration force will be transmitted to the arm, causing soreness.
There is a permanent non-changeable battery (built-in battery, external replaceable) between the inner sleeve of the prosthesis and the palm, and it is equipped with a charger. Just take off the charge before going to bed every night. Those who have less exercise can charge it once. Use 2-3 days, generally can be used for more than one day. The forearm muscle hand is an epiphyseal suspension-free prosthesis, which allows patients to wear it very conveniently and comfortably. The appearance is equipped with imported silicone hand skin to give it a realistic shape. Auxiliary device makes the elbow joint have flexion and extension function and can be locked at different flexion and extension angles.


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