The development of prostheses 1

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Nov 30,2020

The development of prostheses .1.

The development of prostheses .1.


With the development of society and science and technology, prosthetic technology is developing from low-level simplicity to high-level complexity. In order to improve the practical performance of artificial limbs, people adopt more advanced technology and materials to make them have more perfect performance and develop towards higher technology with more precision, comfort and more personal requirements.


Some achievements have also been made in the research and development of new structure, new materials and new technology in China. Tsinghua University has studied the real-time detection of intelligent prosthesis and human motion image using electromyography signal for recognition, swing and control. At present, some titanium alloy connectors and joints have been produced in China, and the quality is close to the international level. In the promotion and application of high-tech prosthetic products, we should focus on the development of "fist products" with good performance, high quality and can replace imported prosthetic limbs, and boldly draw on and introduce new structures, new materials and new processes from abroad, with plans, division of labor, choices and emphases.


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