Why do you want to bind bandages before installing artificial limbs in your legs?

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Mar 08,2021

Why do you want to bind bandages before installing artificial limbs in your legs?

Why do you want to bind bandages before installing artificial limbs in your legs?

Wrapping special elastic bandage before installing artificial limb can control edema, protect incision during functional activities, and assist residual limb in plasticity and desensitization, so as to prepare for formal assembly of artificial limb.

In addition, if the operation is not cured, it is recommended not to bind bandages, but to wait until it is cured, otherwise it will affect blood circulation and cause swelling of residual limbs.



Precautions and methods of bandage binding


The bandages used should be kept dry and clean, and the residual limbs should also be kept dry. In addition to bathing, massaging residual limbs or exercising, you should wrap elastic bandages 24 hours a day.


(1) when winding elastic bandage, it needs to be wound obliquely, instead of horizontal circular winding.


 It is necessary to wind the inside and outside continuously alternately. If wound along the end of the residual limb in one direction, it is easy to form wrinkles in the skin scar. When wound, the end of the residual limb should be as stable as possible to increase the wrapping strength.


 bandage winding should extend to the knee joint and at least wrap around the patella. When the bandage is wound around the thigh, care should be taken to gradually reduce the pressure of the bandage.


(4) at the end, the bandage should be tied obliquely above the end of the residual limb. It needs to be fixed with tape. Try not to use pins.


Tip: It is recommended to re-wrap every 3~4 hours. If the bandage slips or folds, it should be re-wrapped at any tim





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