What effect can a patient with thigh amputation achieve after installing a prosthesis?

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Mar 13,2021

What effect can a patient with thigh amputation achieve after installing a prosthesis?

What effect can a patient with thigh amputation achieve after installing a prosthesis?


Many patients were found by salesmen of many prosthetics companies when they were in the hospital, and some unscrupulous companies would tell the patients a lot about the effects of installing prostheses. In fact, the compensation effect of many thigh prostheses after installation is not as good as they said. Today, I will tell you what effect can be achieved by patients with unilateral thigh prostheses after installing the prosthesis.


1. After the prosthesis is installed, the amputee can continue to use it during the daytime work


2. The average walking speed can reach 100m in 1 minute and 30 seconds


3. The continuous walking distance is more than 1km, depending on the patient’s residual limbs


4. Patients with unilateral thigh amputation do not need to walk with crutches. Patients with bilateral amputations do not need crutches when they are in good physical condition. Under normal circumstances, they need to walk with one crutches or two crutches.


5. Patients with unilateral and bilateral thigh prostheses can freely alternately perform various postures such as lying, sitting, and standing positions


6. This item is not directly related to walking ability. In daily life, you can go to the toilet and take off your shoes freely.




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