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What is the type of prosthetic liner?

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What is the type of prosthetic liner?

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First, the characteristics of silicone liner products
The prosthetic socket is the link between the residual limb and the prosthesis. It is in a vital position in the prosthesis. It has the function of suspending the prosthesis, inclusive the residual limb, transmitting movement and force. The realization of these functions will stimulate the skin of the residual limbs and muscle tissue. If not handled properly, it will cause discomfort and limb damage to the amputee. Wearing a silicone inner liner provides a comfortable feel for the amputee, while effectively protecting the muscle tissue, the skin surface and helping to suspend the receiving cavity.
Silicone is a kind of soft and durable material that can be made by different ratios. Its unique material performance function has cushioning and damping effect on bone protruding parts and sensitive parts. High elasticity can help the residual limbs to fully contact and fix the shape. The tear resistance also increases its durability. The original silicone liner product was only used for calf amputees and is now available for both thighs and upper extremity amputees. The outstanding advantages of the silicone inner bushing products are as follows:
1, comfort
The elasticity of the inner liner of the silicone makes it soft and tightly contain the stump, which protects the soft tissue of the residual limb, avoids the friction of the residual limb in the receiving cavity, reduces or even eliminates the local pressure, and provides a comfortable cushion for the sensitive area of ​​the skin. Therefore, when walking, the friction and pressure on the skin surface can be obviously relieved, and the shear force is transmitted from the skin to the outer layer of the inner liner of the silica gel, which reduces pain and wear. This flexible silicone inner liner will be excellent. Make the amputee feel very comfortable.
2, reliable suspension
The rolling wear method pulls the soft tissue of the residual limb into the inner liner of the silica gel, so as to cover the entire surface of the residual limb with a gentle degree, so that the soft tissue can reach the end of the stable residual limb under the pulling of the inner liner of the silica gel. The function reduces the friction between the residual limb and the receiving cavity when the traditional prosthesis is worn, thereby minimizing the movement of the residual limb in the receiving cavity (the residual limb moves up and down in the receiving cavity), effectively stabilizing the soft tissue, and putting pressure on Evenly distributed on the residual limb.
The lockable silicone inner bushing provides the most reliable suspension. The silicone inner bushing and the hard receiving cavity are locked together by the locking device. The weight of the amputee on the prosthesis is no longer like a suspension sway. The reliable suspension lock is no longer limited by the belt and the receiving cavity suspension device, and has a good appearance, and can reduce the energy consumed during long-distance walking, improve the control of the prosthetic limb on the prosthesis, and make the walking safer gait more natural. . The latest ICEROSS sealed silicone liner is another major breakthrough in the manufacture of silicone liners. This unique and new silicone liner with Hypabaric low pressure seals ensures that the residual limbs are comfortable in the chamber. Suspension without the need to install any other locking devices. The suspending function is accomplished by forming a vacuum suction between the inner liner of the silicone and the receiving cavity, and the amputee can wear and receive the cavity without restriction, without using the traction aid, and the residual limb can be inserted into the receiving cavity to walk, and It can eliminate the rotation of the residual limb in the receiving cavity. The sealing ring type silicone inner bushing is not restricted by the locking device to improve the movement of the knee joint, so that the lower limb amputation user's activity is more unrestricted, and the prosthesis is more freely controlled, thereby having a more effective and natural gait. For long-legged amputees, it is possible to get rid of the trouble of not wearing the silicone inner bushing because there is no lock installation space, and the prosthesis is more comfortable, reliable and beautiful. It has not been important to accept the cavity in the past by changing the shape of the residual limb, bone suspension and mouth shape. The thigh and calf prosthetic receiving cavities develop in the direction of insertion, and "this insertion" is not "inserted".
3, protective
The silicone inner liner comfortably wraps the surface of the entire residual limb, protects sensitive skin and scar tissue, promotes and improves blood circulation, reduces the abrasion caused by the hard edge of the receiving cavity, and eliminates the swelling of the residual limb as soon as possible. Promote wound healing, reduce the atrophy of the residual limb muscles, prevent the distal skin from pulling, and keep the residual limbs in a healthy state.
4, skin care
The silicone inner liner is made of hypoallergenic medical grade environmentally friendly silicone material, and it is added with active skin ingredients to effectively moisturize the skin and form a protective film on the skin surface to soften, relieve itching, prevent skin irritation and help. The skin's metabolism and other functions make the residual limbs healthier. In summary, the use of silicone inner liners reduces the amount of physical energy consumed by amputees, increases the time spent wearing prostheses, the distance traveled, and the level and extent of activity, improving the quality of life.