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Notes on orthopedic for home use of different types of patients

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Notes on orthopedic for home use of different types of patients

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Notes on orthopedic for home use of different types of patients:Orthopedic for home use of patients with hypotonia;Orthopedic for home use of patients with hypertonia;For children with intermittent spasm and unstable tension.

Orthopedic for home use of patients with hypotonia

The purpose of wearing AFO for patients with low muscle tone is to give children more support and facilitate exercise. However, wearing AFO for a long time will make some muscles lack of exercise, resulting in muscle strength decline or muscle atrophy, which will reduce children's motor function. Therefore, children of this type should do proper massage and muscle strength training when they don't wear orthoses.

Orthopedic for home use of patients with hypertonia

For children with high muscle tension, when they just wear orthosis, their heel often can not reach the corresponding position of AFO heel, but press on the back wall of AFO, which will produce greater pressure on the heel, causing local swelling and even bruise. Some children's foot varus, foot valgus is more serious, wearing AFO, will cause local compression and pain in the lateral malleolus, scaphoid bone and other bone protruding parts. Therefore, we should take back, hip flexion, knee flexion, ankle flexion posture to reduce tension, relieve tension, and ensure heel in place. In addition, the fixation belt should not be tied too tightly. If necessary, the orthosis should be taken off for a period of time. After massage and rest, the wearing time will be gradually increased. Generally speaking, the problem of oppression will improve after a period of time. If it is still not suitable, it is necessary to contact the production unit for solutions.

For children with intermittent spasm and unstable tension, they often feel uncomfortable at the beginning of wearing. According to the method described above, children will not be able to adapt to it for a long time.

Treatment of wearing lower limb orthosis when crawling: wearing ankle foot orthosis will make it difficult for children to crawl because the orthosis hinders the plantar flexion of the ankle joint. He can only use the knee joint to further flexion or increase the degree of hip joint rotation and abduction to crawl forward. Crawling is the main method for children to explore freely while moving at the present stage, so it is better to take off the orthosis when training and playing.

Precautions for long sitting: wearing AFO on the ground will cause poor stability. This is because children often tend to "W" sitting, and orthosis will limit this. Therefore, when sitting for a long time, be sure to let the child sit on the chair or take off the AFO.

Hemiplegic patients need ankle foot orthosis

1) For bedridden patients, it can prevent foot drop and varus deformity. Most patients in spasticity period are developed from relaxation period, so it is necessary to prevent them in advance. Due to the long process of rehabilitation, whether the patients can adhere to good rehabilitation exercise at home is a question. If a long time of bad gait, it will eventually lead to the development of joint deformity. In order to avoid this kind of situation to the greatest extent, it is recommended to use orthoses.

2) For the patients with deformity, the use of orthosis can promote the rehabilitation of patients and correct the deformity.

It can be seen that the correct wearing of orthosis can fully realize the orthopedic design concept and make the orthosis users get the best recovery with the help of orthosis. Therefore, we must master the correct wearing and using methods. At the same time, the patients should be followed up to achieve the best effect.