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Is the greater the discount, the better the prosthesis?

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Is the greater the discount, the better the prosthesis?

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Is the greater the discount, the better the prosthesis?Reasonable market competition is necessary, because it really helps to improve the quality of prosthetic products, assembly technology and servic

Reasonable market competition is necessary, because it really helps to improve the quality of prosthetic products, assembly technology and service quality, and helps customers to purchase the required prosthetic products at the most reasonable price. At the same time, it also forces the prosthetic assembly manufacturers to develop new manufacturing technology, new processing technology, reduce labor and cost. However, cost reduction is not unlimited, because the fixed cost of products is immutable. As a special industry, the assembly capacity of artificial limbs is limited, unlike other industries, which can maintain profits by expanding purchasing power, and there will be no out of date or seasonal clearance sales of products. Artificial limb products have relatively mature products, technology and stable price model.

As we all know, in principle, any manufacturer wants to maximize the benefits, so an excessive "discount" for a product out of the routine is nothing more than a "deformity" after the enterprise competition. As a consumer, it should be said that the vast majority of people need to buy the products they want at a reasonable price without unnecessary harm.

So, how do disabled friends choose the right assembly plant? How to look at the marketing means of prosthetic assembly manufacturers -- "discount" concept?

1. First of all, you need to confirm whether the assembly manufacturer (company) has the qualification of prosthesis and orthotics assembly

2. Secondly, you confirm whether it has its own brand, product or scale (such as national chain operation)

Rational consumers should choose the first type of prosthetic appliance assembly mechanism, because whether it is from the corporate brand, corporate reputation and integrity, assembly technology, product quality and price, or important product later service, you can properly guarantee the corresponding.

3. Finally, do you seriously judge the cost performance of the product.

The brand, quality and place of origin, performance, material, configuration, technology and service of the prosthesis are the basis of determining the product price. The purchase of prosthetic appliances is different from the purchase of other necessities of life. The performance of prosthesis is composed of prosthesis joint, ankle, prosthesis foot, functional part, acceptor cavity, etc. Therefore, only close performance and configuration can bring close product price. The price of the prosthesis is set by the assembly unit itself. There are two kinds of pricing methods, pragmatic and non pragmatic. Sadly, in today's society, the consumer's purchase mentality is that the pragmatic price sales method may not be believed. The non pragmatic price and the unconventional and excessive "discount" sales method are often liked by consumers. The so-called "discount" will make many irrational prosthetic appliance consumers feel satisfied, while ignoring the configuration, quality, performance and later service of products. Therefore, when consumers choose artificial limb products, they should pay attention to the cost performance of the products, rather than pursuing the excessive "discount" when the product price is out of the routine. Otherwise, you may not be sure to buy real products at the end of the day.

To sum up, the larger the discount, the better. "Discount" reasonable is the best! Because the vast majority of disabled friends do not understand the prosthetic products. Therefore, as long as you observe the strength and position of the prosthetic assembly manufacturers in accordance with the above aspects, and correctly treat the essence of the marketing methods of the assembly manufacturers, you will have the right purchase principles, the right price psychology and the "discount" concept.