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How to Wear Leg Prosthetics?

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How to Wear Leg Prosthetics?

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How to wear leg prosthetics

How to Wear Leg Prosthetics

  1. 截肢者坐在椅子上(或站着)在残肢上均匀涂上滑石粉或爽身粉

    Amputers sit in chairs (or stand)apply talcum or talcum powder evenly to the stump.


  1. 用薄的光滑的丝绸将残肢包住或易拉宝(假肢专用套)套在残肢上注意所包的布、袜套要平整,没有皱褶,其上缘应包住大腿根部,其后面应包上坐骨结节

    Cover the stump with thin, smooth silk or Yilabao (prosthetic sleeve) over the stump. Note that the cloth, socks cover should be flat, no fold, its      upper edge should cover the thigh root, its back should cover the ischium nodule.

  1. 拿掉接受腔上的负压阀门

    Remove negative pressure valve from receiving cavity


     Place the far end of the cloth or sock in the receiving cavity


           Pierce the far end of the cloth or sock sleeve through the hole in the valve hole


          Insert the stump into the cavity