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Dennis brown bar shoes

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Dennis brown bar shoes

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ShijiazhuangAosuoCompanysupplyDennisbrownbarshoes:Orthopedicstructuredesign:  Thisproductisequippedwithadjustableorthopedicshoesadjustablerod,canadjustthewidthbetweenthetwofeetandinsideandoutsidethero

Shijiazhuang Aosuo Company supply Dennis brown bar shoes:

Orthopedic structure design: 


This product is equipped with adjustable orthopedic shoes adjustable rod, can adjust the width between the two feet and inside and outside the rotation angle. For varus and valgus with different orthopedic shoes, can effectively control the abnormal foot position, orthopedic shoes made of leather, good fixation.


Orthopedic principle:


The use of special orthopedic shoes, will suffer from a reliable fixation, through the soles of the fixed connecting rod, adjusting the width and angle between the two feet and the rotation angle, the foot fixed in the desired position. Guide its development in the right direction, consolidate and improve the clinical treatment.




Observe the position of wearing foot is good, close observation of the patient's reaction, such as crying and refusing to appear phenomenon, we must promptly view. 


Suitable for newborns to 5 years old children



Correction of various causes of foot adduction, foot, external rotation deformity, adductor spasm deformity. Such as: congenital clubfoot, cerebral palsy caused by internal and external rotation, scissors and other steps. For nighttime correction and bed rest. The effect is stable, self-section, safe and reliable.


(1) high-strength aluminum alloy night fixtures of light and beautiful appearance

(2) The length between the feet can be adjusted according to the physician's request

(3) according to the specific circumstances of the child and the doctor's request to adjust the adduction and abduction of the foot angle

(4) unique ankle strap to ensure that children's heel completely with the heel anastomosis

(5) cortical material to make children wear more comfortable

(6) There are 5 kinds of models, suitable for children of different ages to choose