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Customized cosmetics prosthetic gloves Notes

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Customized cosmetics prosthetic gloves Notes

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Cosmetic prosthetic hands. Prosthetic gloves, hand skins are a relatively aesthetically pleasing product that cannot be absolutely realistic. Each person's residual limb conditions are different, and the effects produced will vary from person to person. Many buyers who want to buy this product often have very high expectations for the product. However, the following situations are inevitable when actually worn.
One: about the seam
    The silicone cosmetic finger is placed directly on the residual limb, so there must be a seam at the end of the sleeve.
Two: About the thickness
    Silicone cosmetic prosthetic  hands are impossible to make very thin, and if they are made thin, they are easily worn and broken. Therefore, in order to ensure the strength, it must have a certain thickness. And because the silicone beauty hand is placed on the residual limb, and the residual limb is often different from the thickness of the healthy side of the hand, even thicker than the same part of the healthy side hand, so after bringing the cosmetic hand, it is generally better than the healthy side The hand is thick. The longer and thicker the residual limb, the greater the difference.
Three: About the color difference
    The color of our normal hand back is constantly changing with the influence of our blood circulation. The color of our hands is also uneven, and some are deep and shallow. The color of the beauty hand is made by adding pigment to the silica gel. The color is uniform and can't do the shallow shallowness that we have in our hands. Actual production will have a certain color difference.
Four: About the product
    Silicone products are custom products. Once you've made it, you can't modify it. It's only suitable for custom use. Therefore, the product does not return.
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