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Best assembly of prosthetic limbs

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Best assembly of prosthetic limbs

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This is related to the cause of the amputation. The so-called amputation is to cut off and remove a part of the limbs.
Reasons for amputation
1. Trauma and its sequelae.
2. Disorders of peripheral blood circulation.
3. Malignant tumor
4. Inflammation
5. Neurological diseases
6. Congenital malformations and markedly unequal legs
We talk about the best assembly period for prosthetics. For patients with trauma, the best assembly period is two weeks to two months after stitch removal.
Patients with fractures should be reviewed three and a half months after surgery to see if the fractured leg can bear weight. If possible, consider going to a prosthetic company to assemble a prosthesis in the fourth month.
In patients with peripheral blood circulation disorders, the cavity must be loosened, and prosthetics that are not too tight can not be worn.
Patients with malignant tumors need to be fitted with prosthetic limbs after the third course of chemotherapy, to increase their activity and increase their immunity.
Patients with osteomyelitis do not have to be too clingy to keep their legs. If they can, then they will keep their lives. No special requirements.
Patients with congenital malformations should seek the advice of an orthopaedic surgeon, and ask the prosthetic company technicians in advance to ask about the ideal amputation site
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