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prosthetic knee joints for amputees

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prosthetic knee joints for amputees

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All of  the prosthetic knee joints for amputees, have both swing and stance control. In other words, all of these prosthetic knees enable different walking speeds, going down hills by putting weight on the knee while it is bending, going down stairs step-over-step. Also, each of these knees supports a natural walking style with the knee bending slightly and bouncing back after heel strike. 
And yet there are differences, which, according to my opinion, become apparent when it comes to activities beyond walking and taking stairs:
    Kneeling on the floor (should not make scratches, neither on the floor nor to the prosthesis!)
    sitting down (knee should ideally swing freely)
    going down really long hills or very many stairs (knee hydraulics becoming warm!)
    having contact with water (most electronic prosthetic knees don‘t like that!)
    bearing additional weight (knee function might be adjusted for a fixed body weight only)
    wearing different shoes (having different weight, which has an impact on the swing phase!)
    sitting in a narrow place (the more knee angle, the better!)
    feeling the weight (a heavy prosthesis can be a real problem with a short stump!)
    Design. For amputees who do not want a cosmetic covering, design matters!
I think the geometric locking mechanism is more difficult than the character.
I invite you to leave a reply. I understand that every amputee has his or her own needs that may be different from mine, so it will be interesting to learn from you.